The Trophy Spirits Show

About the Show

The 2019 launch of The Trophy Spirits Show brought a new and valuable competition to the spirits and liqueurs sector of the South African liquor industry. Open to all producers and importers, the show scores and ranks all products across a series of categories, identifying the gold, silver and bronze medallists and awarding a trophy to best-in-class submissions providing they are of gold medal standard.

As the headline sponsor, Investec is excited to be part of a competition that sifts (and sips) to identify the best spirits available in and for the South African market or produced in South Africa for export.

Investec’s support of the competition – recognising the rigour which goes into the show’s judging methodology – makes it possible for the show’s organisers to assemble the best judges to share their expertise, both through the results and the feedback session which follows the judging.

A leading private bank and wealth manager, locally and internationally, Investec believes the Trophy Spirits Show is a wonderful platform to celebrate excellence in the industry.

Moreover, the event will engage discerning spirit enthusiasts across the country. Investec looks forward to the opportunity to present the top spirits to its niche clients and the public alike.

Michael Fridjhon, convenor of The Trophy Spirits Show and show chairman of the Trophy Wine Show, believes that the competition adds an important dimension to one of the country’s most important consumer industries.

“In the past five years there has been a proliferation in the number of small distillers entering the market. There has also been a vast increase in the number of whiskies available for sale, both from local distillers and through a network of importers. South African brandy has long enjoyed extensive international recognition. Small distillers cannot afford to advertise in order to achieve visibility. An award from this competition will help to raise a product’s profile in a busy market place. For the major brands a successful outcome will serve to vindicate marketing claims and provide credible verification of the advertising message.”